Resurfacing Your Hardwood Floors


If your hardwood flooring is starting to show signs of wear and tear, the option of resurfacing these floors may be something that you want to pursue. When you opt to resurface these floors, you may find that you can restore their appearance. The Hardwood Floors Will Need To Be In Good Structural Condition To Be Resurfaced  An important prerequisite to having your hardwood floors resurfaced will be the need for them to be in good overall condition.

24 January 2023

Home Have Older Wood Floors? Refinish Them To Make The Flooring Look New Again


Over time, wood flooring can become damaged with dents and scratches. The wood also may start looking dull. One thing you can do to make the wood flooring look new again is to refinish it. Below are two different ways you can do this or have a professional do the job for you.  Screen the Wood Floor One common refinishing technique is screening the wood flooring. With this, a machine is used to remove the current finish that is on the floor.

19 January 2023