Resurfacing Your Hardwood Floors


If your hardwood flooring is starting to show signs of wear and tear, the option of resurfacing these floors may be something that you want to pursue. When you opt to resurface these floors, you may find that you can restore their appearance.

The Hardwood Floors Will Need To Be In Good Structural Condition To Be Resurfaced 

An important prerequisite to having your hardwood floors resurfaced will be the need for them to be in good overall condition. If the floors have suffered substantial structural damage, such as rot or cracks, the resurfacing process may not be a suitable repair solution. Rather, the owner of the property will likely find that the damaged portions of the hardwood flooring will have to be replaced to restore the appearance. Luckily, resurfacing can help to ensure that the replacement wood planks match the original by restoring the color and eliminating stains.

Dust Management Is An Integral Aspect Of Resurfacing Hardwood Flooring

The resurfacing process for hardwood floors can generate a large amount of dust that will have to be managed. Otherwise, it could easily spread throughout much of the home, which could make cleaning it up far more difficult. A professional hardwood resurfacing contractor will have equipment that can help to contain any dust that may be generated by this work. One option for this type of system could be a powerful vacuum system that can capture the dust before it is able to drift away. Additionally, these services may place powerful air filtration systems in the room that can further eliminate dust that has become airborne. These capabilities can radically reduce the total amount of cleanup that will be needed at the conclusion of the resurfacing process.

Newly Resurfaced Hardwood Floors Can Not Be Used Immediately

After the hardwood floors have been fully resurfaced, you will need to wait until you start to use them again. The stain and sealant that is applied to these floors will need time to dry without being disturbed. Failing to wait long enough could lead to visible footprints and other markings on the surface of the hardwood floors. Typically, this process will take a few days to complete, but if you live in an area that has high humidity or your home has poor airflow. This may take longer. In these cases, the use of dehumidifiers and fans may help to speed up the curing process so that your hardwood floors will be ready for use more quickly.

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24 January 2023

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