EVP Flooring Installation: Is It Right For You?


If you're thinking of putting new flooring into your home, then you should consider all your options. EVP flooring, or engineered vinyl plank flooring, is a type of flooring where you can change up the way your floors look without actually having to use real wood or tile floors (but still look like you are). You can get EVP floors put in any room of your home and if you have your EVP flooring installation done professionally, you get even better results.

Is engineered vinyl plank flooring right for you? Use this guide to find out so that when you do put your floors in, you'll know you're making the best decision for your home.

Your floors are uneven and need more padding

If you have an older home with foundation issues or if you have uneven floors and want to make them look more level, then you can consider EVP installation. The flooring planks have a cork under-layer that allows for greater comfort and cushioning. The flooring planks themselves are very hard and durable so they can stand being installed over uneven ground without cracking, warping, or outright breaking.

Your floors are older and need to be upgraded on a budget

What makes an EVP flooring installation great is that the floors themselves are somewhat cost-effective considering how long they last and how long they take to put in. If you need flooring installed on a budget, then this can be the best solution for your needs. Your floors can be installed in a way that is affordable and upgrades your floors in large ways.

EVP floors can last a long time and give you great results. If you need to upgrade a complicated floor on a budget to give it lots of upgraded appeal, then this is the type of flooring to consider.

Your floors are stained, cracked, warped, or otherwise damaged

You can put an EVP flooring installation in nearly any room in your home, which makes it easy to have this flooring installation done. Imagine being able to have your EVP flooring installation done in your bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, and craft room to help you get your home upgraded. With so many different types of floors to choose from to give you the best results, you can give your home a super cool upgraded appeal without worrying about doing lots of other major upgrades. In the end, you can get a whole lot out of an EVP flooring installation. 

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21 March 2023

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