Home Have Older Wood Floors? Refinish Them To Make The Flooring Look New Again


Over time, wood flooring can become damaged with dents and scratches. The wood also may start looking dull. One thing you can do to make the wood flooring look new again is to refinish it. Below are two different ways you can do this or have a professional do the job for you. 

Screen the Wood Floor

One common refinishing technique is screening the wood flooring. With this, a machine is used to remove the current finish that is on the floor. It does not remove any wood. Once this is done, a new finish is applied to the wood. Screening is less messy when compared to sanding the flooring. You will not have to worry about cleaning up a lot of dust after screening. The contractor will inspect the flooring before they start and make any needed repairs. 

This is a good option if your flooring looks dull but does not have dents or a lot of scratches. You can rent the machine yourself to do this job, especially if you do not have a lot of wood flooring in your home. If you do have a lot, hire a professional refinishing company to screen your wood floors for you. 

Use a Water-Based or Oil-Based Finish

Polyurethane is commonly used to finish wood floors. This is because it is durable and resistant to scratches and other damage. Polyurethane can also handle heavy foot traffic on wood floors. You can purchase polyurethane at a home improvement store to do this yourself. If you do, measure your wood flooring to ensure you purchase enough finish. A professional can also apply the finish to the wood flooring. 

You will find two types of polyurethane: water-based and oil-based. Oil-based will make the wood turn a lighter color as it ages. Water-based polyurethane is completely clear, so it does not change the color of the wood over time. If you have lighter wood flooring, such as maple, and want to keep the look, water-based will be best. If you have dark red flooring, you can use either a water or oil-based finish. You should know water-based finishes dry much quicker when compared to oil-based ones. 

Talk with a company that refinishes wood flooring and they will tell you much more about the two techniques above. They can also tell you of other ways you can refinish the wood flooring, such as sanding the flooring. For more information on floor refinishing, contact a company near you.


19 January 2023

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