EVP Flooring Installation: Is It Right For You?


If you're thinking of putting new flooring into your home, then you should consider all your options. EVP flooring, or engineered vinyl plank flooring, is a type of flooring where you can change up the way your floors look without actually having to use real wood or tile floors (but still look like you are). You can get EVP floors put in any room of your home and if you have your EVP flooring installation done professionally, you get even better results.

21 March 2023

Common Industrial Flooring Damage


Industrial floors are designed to withstand heavy usage and extreme conditions, but they can suffer from wear and tear over time. This wear and tear can cause several types of damage to the flooring, which may require repairs or restoration. In extreme cases, you may need a comprehensive floor restoration. Widespread Moisture Damage Moisture damage is a common cause of extreme wear and tear on industrial floors. Moisture can infiltrate the flooring through cracks or other openings.

13 March 2023

Three Ways To Buy Vinyl Flooring


If you've read about the merits of vinyl flooring or perhaps had a friend or contractor recommend it to you, your next step will be to browse the samples at a local flooring store that specializes in this type of flooring. Doing so will allow you to find the right vinyl flooring product to use in your residence. As you shop, you'll need to think about how you want to buy your flooring.

23 February 2023

Three Benefits Of Using Bamboo Flooring


If you've decided that hardwood flooring will be a good addition to one or more rooms in your home, your next step should be to visit a local flooring retailer that specializes in wood flooring. You can expect to see many different hardwood types in all sorts of colors and finishes. One product that may catch your attention is bamboo. Bamboo flooring can vary in appearance based on the type of finish it has.

10 February 2023

Resurfacing Your Hardwood Floors


If your hardwood flooring is starting to show signs of wear and tear, the option of resurfacing these floors may be something that you want to pursue. When you opt to resurface these floors, you may find that you can restore their appearance. The Hardwood Floors Will Need To Be In Good Structural Condition To Be Resurfaced  An important prerequisite to having your hardwood floors resurfaced will be the need for them to be in good overall condition.

24 January 2023

Home Have Older Wood Floors? Refinish Them To Make The Flooring Look New Again


Over time, wood flooring can become damaged with dents and scratches. The wood also may start looking dull. One thing you can do to make the wood flooring look new again is to refinish it. Below are two different ways you can do this or have a professional do the job for you.  Screen the Wood Floor One common refinishing technique is screening the wood flooring. With this, a machine is used to remove the current finish that is on the floor.

19 January 2023

Realizing The Pros Of Investing In Hardwood Floors For Your Home


As you build a brand new home, you may think considerably about what kinds of floors you want in it. You may want to invest in floors that are visually appealing and add value to your new house. However, you may also want floors that benefit your family's health and are easy to maintain. You may fail to find these qualities in choices like carpeting or vinyl. Instead, you may find material like hardwood flooring can satisfy the requirements and expectations you have for your new home's floors.

28 December 2022

The Benefits Of Hardwood Floor Refinishing In Your Home


When you have hardwood flooring in your home, there may come a time when you think it needs to be replaced. You might have scratches on your hardwood floor, and it can start to lose its beauty as wear and tear on the floor continues. As long as your hardwood flooring is intact, wood floor refinishing will upgrade your floors without having to replace what is already there. This is a durable surface and one that can withstand years of use with some basic maintenance.

21 December 2022

Hardwood Floor Refinishing: Frequently Asked Questions


If you are thinking about refinishing your hardwood floors, you may find that you have quite a few questions regarding this process. Taking the time to review some of the most frequently asked questions found below can help to ensure you have all of the information you need regarding this process. If you find that you still have questions regarding your specific floor refinishing needs, reach out to a flooring contractor in your local area — such as Heritage Hardwood Floors, Inc — for a consultation.

12 December 2022

Reasons To Consider Laminate Flooring


While you may love the quality and natural appearance of traditional hardwood flooring, it can be expensive to install. The good news is that many affordable flooring options are available on the market, each with unique features, benefits, and drawbacks that determine their suitability for your project.  Laminate flooring is one of the most popular alternatives to hardwood flooring. It is sought-after for its affordability and wood-like appearance, but the benefits don't stop there.

28 November 2022