What Happens When You Refinish Your Hardwood Floors


Are your natural wood floors starting to look bad, and do you want to restore them back to their natural beauty? Thankfully, hardwood floor refinishing is an option for you. Here is what you can expect to happen if you use a professional to refinish your hardwood floors.

Preparing The Rooms

The first step will be to empty all of your rooms so that there is no furniture in them. There is no way to go around furniture, so you need to find a place for it. This could include putting it in a garage, renting a storage pod that is outside your home, or moving it to a room with carpeting. 

All of the moldings around the edge of the room will need to be removed as well. It's a good idea to use a marker to number the moldings as you take them off the wall. This will help you figure out exactly how they fit back together at the end of the job. Just make sure to note where the first one came from, and remove and number the rest in a clockwise direction.

Plastic will be placed over doors to help contain the dust that is created during sanding. This can be done by using painter's tape to create curtains that go from the top to the bottom of any doorway.

Sanding The Floors

Sanding your hardwood flooring will involve multiple passes with a drum sander. You'll start at a heavier grade of sandpaper that will be abrasive and take off the top coat of stain and any major damage. Then the sandpaper will move down to a lighter grit that smooths out the floor. The edges of the rooms will need to be done by hand to get into the corners and along the edges. The drum sander simply cannot get into those small spaces. 

In addition, all of the dust will need to be cleaned up before you can start the staining process. If not, you'll be staining over pieces of wood dust that end up ruining the smooth coat. 

Staining And Sealing The Floors

You can leave the floors their natural color or stain them a color that you like. If using color, it will take multiple coats of the stain to cover the floors and create an even color. Each coat of stain will take a day or two to dry, so you cannot walk on the floors. 

Once the stain is finished and the color that you like, you can apply a sealant that will make the floor shine. It will take another day or two for the sealant to dry, and you'll want to let your home air out from all the fumes. You'll eventually be able to walk on the floors, reinstall the moldings, and start moving furniture back inside. 

For more information, contact a hardwood refinishing service near you.


21 October 2022

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