How To Select Wood Flooring For Your Home


Wood flooring is an excellent option for nearly any home. Wood works well due to its durability and beauty. This flooring material is perfect if you want to add warmth and style to your home. Once you start looking into your options, you'll notice a variety of wood species, colors, and styles to choose from. These options can make it challenging to find the most suitable fit for your new flooring. Here's how to select new wood floors for your home. 

Consider Solid And Engineered Options

Solid hardwood is entirely solid wood all the way through. This flooring option is an excellent fit for traditional homes. You can sand and stain solid hardwood multiple times to make it look brand new. The main drawback to solid hardwood is its susceptibility to moisture. Hardwood can warp and expand when installed in a moist environment, like a basement. Engineered wood is a little different. Engineered options have a solid top layer of wood, but the core layers underneath are plywood. Engineered wood is similar to solid hardwood, but its construction makes it more resistant to moisture. 

Come Up With A Budget

The cost of a wood flooring service depends on the products you select, the installation area's size, and the labor cost. How much you pay will vary, but solid hardwood installation ranges from $5 to $10 per square foot, while engineered wood will set you back $4 to $9 per square foot. Before you buy, look at affordable options that meet your needs. If you're struggling to find the best fit, a wood flooring service can help you select floors that will work for your home.

Consider What Wood Type Works Best

You'll also want to consider what wood works best when choosing wood flooring. There are different wood species of varying hardness levels to choose from. Whether you select a solid hardwood or an engineered wood, you'll want the wood species you select to work for your needs. If you're going to lay down wood flooring in high-traffic areas, you'll want to look for wood species that are hard, such as oak. 

If you are selecting wood flooring for your home, here's what you should do. First, you'll want to consider whether a solid hardwood or engineered flooring options are the best fit. Second, a budget for a wood flooring service is vital. Finally, you'll want to consider what wood type best suits your home. 


10 October 2022

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