Tips For Installing Laminate Vinyl Plank Flooring


Laminate vinyl plank flooring can be a great way to improve the floors of your home. It's perfect for rooms that are susceptible to having water on the floor, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, because the flooring is completely waterproof. The installation is also easy to do, which is why you may be interested in doing the installation yourself. Here are a few tips that can help you perform the installation.

Measure Your Floor

You'll need to determine the size of your floor to know how many boxes of flooring material to purchase. Flooring material can be purchased by the square foot of how much area the material covers, so you'll need to get the square footage of the room. This can be done by multiplying the width and length of the room. If the room is not a perfect rectangle or square, then you'll need to section the room into smaller sections to take multiple measurements, then add them all together. Make sure to purchase extra material to account for pieces that need to be cut down, and errors made when installing the material. 

Level The Floor

You need to take steps to level the floor that you are installing the flooring material on. If you are installing the laminate vinyl plank flooring in an existing room, such as a bathroom, it's possible that your subfloor is already level. However, a basement can be a bit tricky to level since you often have a cement foundation. Consider using self-leveling concrete to fill in those low parts of the floor to avoid dips in the material.

Place Boards Parallel To The Longest Wall

You'll want to avoid making unnecessary cuts when installing laminate vinyl plank flooring. The best way to do this is to run the board parallel with the longest wall. This will ensure that you are cutting fewer boards to fit them into the room since you'll have long rows that span the longest width.

Stagger The Boards Appropriately

It is also a good idea to slightly stagger the boards so that the end of each board ends at a different point. Start the first row as a full board, then start the next row with ⅔ of a board. The third row can then start with the remaining ⅓ of the remaining floorboard that you trimmed. Continue this staggering to create a pattern of boards that all do not end at the same point.  

For more information about flooring install tactics, contact a local company. 


21 July 2022

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