Can You Add A Wood Floor To Your Porch?


If you plan to add a porch to your backyard soon, you may consider using concrete or cement as the flooring of choice. But if most of your home contains wood, you may wonder if it's possible to install a wood floor in your porch instead. You can use wood as your flooring of choice with the right assistance. Learn more about wood flooring and how you can add it to your new porch below.

Is Wood Right For Your Porch?

Many construction companies in the past used wood to make porches for their clients' homes. Wood adds beauty, durability, and strength to indoor and outdoor porches of all sizes and styles. You just need to find the right type of wood flooring for your porch. 

Flooring installation companies offer a wide selection of wood flooring to their customers, including engineered wood and solid wood. Engineered wood is a mixture of hardwood and plywood. Flooring manufacturers generally place a thin layer of hardwood over a soft engineered layer of plywood. Both layers of wood keep it from warping after you install it as flooring. 

Solid wood contains pure hardwood, or wood that comes from hardwood trees. Solid wood can absorb moisture over time. Flooring companies generally seal the surface of the wood after they install it on floors. 

Any of the woods above may work well for your porch's flooring. A flooring installation company can help you choose and install the material for your porch today.

How Do You Install Your Wood Floor?

A flooring company will need to visit your home and inspect the location you plan to build your porch. The location of your porch may help determine the type of wood you choose for it. If you plan to place your porch under trees or near a source of water, you may want to choose a solid wood, such as mahogany, oak, or walnut. 

If you live in a hot climate, you may choose to use engineered wood for your flooring. As mentioned above, engineered wood doesn't warp easily. Heat may warp some materials over time. If you have concerns about what type of wood flooring to install in hot climates, consult a flooring company immediately. A company may help you find a wood flooring that can easily withstand hot or warm environments. 

If you need help installing flooring on your porch, contact a flooring installation company today for more info.


13 June 2022

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