4 Incredible Benefits Of Installing Luxury Vinyl Planks On Your Floor


There are plenty of attractive flooring options in the market that offer a combination of enduring tenacity and sophisticated appeal. Luxury vinyl planks are one of the popular options when it comes to flooring projects. If you are interested in knowing more about luxury vinyl planks, the benefits highlighted below might intrigue you.

1. Attractive Designs

Luxury vinyl planks are designed to give your floors a natural feel. They are made with textures and designs that feel natural. You can shop for planks that look and feel like hardwood planks. Newer technology has paved the way for more striking designs such as checked and mosaic patterns.

Choosing luxury vinyl planks allows you to get a preferred floor design and pattern without breaking the bank. You can also enjoy the feel and look of luxurious floor types without paying too much. This means that you can create a lasting and impressive look on a budget.

2. Water-Resistance

One of the biggest advantages of luxury vinyl planks is their waterproof abilities. This makes the planks suitable for rooms that often come into contact with water, like laundry rooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and basements.

The quality also makes luxury vinyl planks a great option for a natural hardwood look in a moisture-prone room. It will help you save money in the long run.

3. Resilience and Durability

Luxury vinyl planks are manufactured to be exceptionally resilient. They are designed with a scratch-resistant layer that stands the test of time. The protective layer also protects the plank from chips, cracks, and scrapes.

The hard-wearing characteristic makes luxury vinyl planks ideal applications in high-traffic areas. Besides being commonly used in residential settings, you can use the planks on commercial floors where you expect heavy foot traffic. Their durability explains the impressive warranties attached.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

You don't have to forego quality to cut costs or vice versa. Luxury vinyl planks have great visual appeal and impeccable quality. They are also affordable in the market. The planks allow you to add great value to your property at a lowered cost. Therefore, you can attain the appearance of hardwood or natural stone flooring for a fraction of the cost.

Moreover, thanks to the durability and resilience of luxury vinyl planks, you can save a lot of money in the long run. The planks are also easy to install, cutting down initial installation costs.

Luxury vinyl planks make excellent flooring options. That said, you can already picture the great appearance of your home once you install vinyl pranks. Speak to the vinyl floor installation companies to start exploring your options. 


18 May 2022

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