6 Signs It's Time To Polish Concrete


Polished concrete is a popular flooring solution. While it's very durable, it requires some maintenance. That means you'll eventually want to have a polished concrete services contractor visit your location. Look for these six signs it's time to polish the concrete at your place.

Scratches and Gouges

One of the most common types of damage to polished concrete floors is scratching. Sometimes the damage rises to the level of gouging, especially if you use a lot of heavy equipment with hard wheels. The upside to concrete flooring, however, is you can simply polish it and produce a new and smooth surface. Once the floor gets to the point you're noticing several visible scratches, it's time to redo the surface.

Chips and Cracks

The abuse of the floor can also generate chips and cracks. Notably, you need to make sure the slab is still in good shape. Polishing can handle small issues, but it won't fix a crack that goes the whole way down. You may need to treat the area with epoxy or other filler materials before you polish it. Generally, sealing should clean it up and provide a smooth finish.


While finishing products can protect the concrete for a long time, friction will eventually undermine the performance. Like many materials derived from stone, concrete will stain under the right circumstances.

You'll want to polish a stained surface as soon as you see it. Staining can penetrate the concrete deeply, especially if the stain comes from some strong oils or solvents. Try to clean and dry the area as quickly as possible. Polishing should remove the stain and allow the application of fresh sealant. However, some stains may call for fairly aggressive grinding before the polishing and sealing processes.


As the sealant wears away, you might not immediately see a direct problem with the floor. Instead, the concrete may turn to powder and produce dust.


A polished and sealed floor shouldn't be especially noisy. If you're starting to notice more noise from the floor, there's a good chance it's time to polish it.


Even if the sealants hold up, they may eventually dull. If you can no longer see a reflection on the floor, then it's time for polishing. The same goes if the floor is looking hazy or streaky even after you've washed it. A polished concrete services provider can strip the surface and reapply the coating.

For more information on polished concrete services, contact a contractor in your area.


27 September 2021

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