Custom Built Hardwood Flooring: See What You Should Do to Maintain It in Pristine Condition


Custom-built hardwood flooring is still one of the most popular floors in the market. The popularity comes from the strength, durability, and elegance that it adds to the home. Usually, hardwood is warm and comfortable to step on, and it acts as a natural noise insulator. When properly selected, treated, and installed, a hardwood floor can last and serve your family for several decades. However, you have to be consistent with proper care and maintenance if you want long life from the floor. Here are four simple guidelines to follow to maintain a custom-built hardwood floor in pristine condition.

Sweep and Clean the Floor Often

Sweeping and cleaning the hardwood floor is the first step in maintaining its excellent condition. Even the smallest particles of dirt, dust, and other debris can cause damage and speed up the aging process and deterioration of the floor. Additionally, never allow stains and spills to sit on the floor — clean them up immediately. Liquid spills soften the coating and make their way into the inner layers of the wood, causing rot and other damage. Always use a dry cloth to wipe off the stains as soon as they occur. 

Clean Using the Right Vacuum Attachment

Use the appropriate vacuum attachment when cleaning your hardwood floor. Hardwood is quite sensitive, and the wrong tool can easily lead to ugly scars on its surface. The best way to clean hardwood surfaces is using a broom because it is gentle on the grains. However, you can still vacuum a wooden floor. Choose the vacuum cleaner attachment that works on tiles or hardwood flooring. Avoid the attachment that cleans carpets because it will be too rough and abrasive on the surface of the hardwood floor. 

Avoid Mopping the Floor

Mopping is one of the mistakes that you should avoid when dealing with a hardwood floor. Mopping usually involves saturating the surface with moisture, and it's never a great idea to soak the wood with water. If you need to deep-clean the flooring, use a damp rag. Ensure you dry the floor immediately after the initial cleaning. 

Be Gentle on the Floor

Most of the scratches and other physical damage that affect custom-built hardwood floors come from rough usage. For example, shoe marks, dragging heavy items on the floor, and dropping heavy objects can cause a lot of damage to a hardwood floor. That's why you should always leave the shoes at the door when going indoors and lift heavy items instead of dragging them.

Always follow the correct procedures when caring for and maintaining your custom-built hardwood flooring. Proper care and maintenance help keep the floor in a perfect state for decades. 


19 July 2021

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