Benefits Of Upgrading To Quartz Countertops


A kitchen remodeling project is a huge undertaking that you shouldn't rush, lest you regret some of the product choices you make. Instead, take your time to analyze your kitchen's current condition to establish what you need to achieve the ultimate upgrade. Ensure you choose a countertop material that can withstand heavy usage because your countertop is among the most used surfaces in the kitchen.

Since there are countless countertop options in the market, picking a suitable material can feel overwhelming. However, if you understand the benefits of each countertop material, you'll know straightaway what you need. This article will outline the benefits of upgrading to a quartz countertop to ensure you make an informed decision.

Durable Surface

Quartz is engineered from natural stone that's reinforced with polymer resins. Due to this makeup, it looks like natural stone but exhibits superior strength and performance. This makes it an ideal product for your kitchen remodel because you won't have to worry about refurbishing your countertop for a long time after it's installed.

A durable countertop surface gives you the freedom to explore and learn new cooking techniques in your kitchen without worrying that you might damage your countertop.

Low Maintenance

Natural stone countertop materials like granite can be high maintenance. Since quartz countertops are enriched with polymer resins, the surface of a quartz countertop is smooth and waterproof.

As a result, a quartz kitchen countertop is easy to clean and maintain because anything that spills on the surface cannot permeate into its structure or stain the surface. All that's required to keep the surface spotless is wiping it down with a wet cloth. What's more, the fact that you don't have to scrub off stains further preserves your countertop because it won't experience any abrasions.


Good sanitation should be a priority in your residential kitchen because this is where all your food is prepared. Eliminating harmful bacteria from your kitchen surfaces minimizes the chances of food contamination. Food-related poisoning can be quite dangerous because you never see it coming, and it affects everyone who interacts with the contaminated food.

To protect your household from potential health hazards, upgrade to a countertop that makes it easy to maintain a sanitary kitchen. A quartz kitchen countertop would be a suitable option because its non-porous nature prevents bacteria and germs from festering on its surface. And you don't have to seal the surface to prevent water from penetrating the structure.

As you plan your kitchen renovation, consider investing in quartz countertops. Liaise with professional countertop installers to ensure your countertop upgrade is done correctly.  


15 July 2021

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