Choosing Between Hardwoods and Laminate for Your Floor Installation


 For many people, reaching deciding which flooring you want is a relatively easy decision to make. For example, you may have already determined that you prefer the look of wood over carpeting or vinyl. However, for many of these same people, making a final decision between hardwood and laminate flooring can prove far more difficult. This is because, while both options offer the beauty associated with wood grains, the other features associated with each flooring option can be quite different. Thankfully, taking just a few minutes to really explore the pros and cons associated with each option can help make this decision a bit easier. 

The Pros And Cons Of Choosing Hardwoods


  • Long-Lasting - For many people, the longevity associated with hardwood floors is the primary reason for choosing this flooring material. In most cases, a well maintained hardwood floor can be expected to last the life of the house. 
  • Easy To Repair - Hardwood floors can sustain damage, such as becoming scratched when moving furniture. However, unlike other flooring options that would require you to replace either the section of damaged flooring or even the entire floor, hardwood floors allow you to simply sand and refinish the damaged areas to restore the floor to a like-new condition. 
  • Adds Value - Thanks to the other benefits that hardwood floors provide along with the aesthetic appeal of these floors, you can expect to see a rather significant increase to your home's overall resale value. 


  • Maintenance - Hardwood floors will require a commitment to maintenance over the long term as these flooring materials will need to be refinished every few years in order to maintain a good seal against moisture and termite damage. 
  • Cost - When compared to laminate flooring, hardwood floors will require a much larger up front investment. 

The Pros And Cons Of Choosing Laminate 


  • Easy Install - Laminate flooring provide an easier installation process than hardwood floors. This is because each piece of laminate flooring is designed to click together, much like puzzle pieces.
  • Low Maintenance - While you will still need to perform basic maintenance on these floors, such as regular sweeping and mopping, these floors will not require any of the in depth maintenance requirements that come along with the use of hardwoods. 
  • More Affordable - Laminate flooring provides the aesthetic appeal of hardwoods at a much lower price than hardwood. This can be especially beneficial for homeowners who have a rather tight budget for their flooring installation. 


  • Difficult Repairs - Laminate flooring materials do not really lend themselves to repairs. In most cases, your only option will be to replace the damaged section of flooring. It is often recommended that you save some materials from the original install in case you do need to replace sections, since finding replacement materials that match perfectly can be quite difficult in the future. 
  • Not Authentic - For homeowners who really prefer the look and feel of real wood, the simple fact that laminate flooring is not made from real wood materials will be the most significant disadvantage associated with these flooring materials. 

The Bottom Line

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing between hardwoods and laminate flooring options. With both of these options offering quite impressive benefits and few disadvantages, choosing which option to use for your new floor installation will primarily come down to a matter of personal preference. For more information about which floor installation you should use, contact a company, such as Akins Floor Service, to learn more.


24 June 2021

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