Four Benefits Of Acid Brick Flooring


Flooring is a part of your business that requires thought and consideration when in the building or remodeling process. One commonly used type of flooring is acid brick flooring, which is most often seen in food industry businesses. By sealing off all open pores in the brick, you are providing a sanitary and high functioning floor that repels bacteria or other unwanted germs. Here are a few benefits of installing acid brick flooring. 


Many floors require yearly inspections and services to keep them up to standards and codes, but this is not the case with acid brick flooring. The bricks are sealed and coated, leaving no open pores and no need for future sealing services. With a one time service for installation, the choice of acid brick is convenient and low maintenance for your business. 


If you are installing acid brick flooring in to your meat packing industry or other food service company, then you will probably be seeing a lot of foot traffic on your floors. Where there is more foot traffic, you must frequently clean and sanitize the floors. Acid brick flooring is able to handle the chemicals needed for cleaning purposes and will not wear down over time. You will not have to worry about the durability of the flooring with acid brick, because they are designed to resist chemicals of all kinds.


Acid brick flooring comes in a number of different styles ranging from smooth bricks to diamond tread. With the customer in mind, the bricks are designed to meet any need that you might have. Different acid bricks can withstand various temperatures, so when choosing the best option for your business, remember to look at all of the features of the flooring bricks.

Easy to Clean

Like any other room or part of your business, cleaning services need to be performed on a regular basis. The best way to clean acid brick to keep it in like-new condition is to sweep or vacuum daily. By staying on top of the buildup of debris, you will further the life of your flooring, and provide a clean working environment. Mopping periodically—at least once a week—will help protect the bricks and keep your establishment sanitary. Be sure to double check with the flooring company before you use any store-bought cleaning chemicals on acid brick flooring, as they might cause damage to the seal. 

If you're looking to put acid brick flooring in your facility, talk to a flooring company in your area like Archway Brick and Tile.


16 July 2020

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