3 Perks Of Hardwood Floors That May Come as a Surprise


You can't go wrong with hardwood flooring. As a natural material with loads of character, hardwood flooring is a great investment. However, many people are surprised to learn that hardwood flooring offers more than just the basic benefits. Here are three perks of hardwood floors that may come as a surprise.   

1. Hardwood Floors Feel Warm Underfoot  

As a naturally porous surface, hardwood flooring tends to absorb warmth, especially when the planks are exposed to direct sunlight. As a result, hardwood floors can feel warm underfoot, providing you with a comfortable daily experience. On the other hand, other hard varieties of flooring, such as tile, can feel cold and unwelcoming. Think carefully about how your existing floors feel underfoot, and consider making a change if you like hard floors, but need something with a little warmth.   

2. Some Damage Builds Character  

If you get stressed out when a child or pet scratches your floors, you might like hardwood flooring. Unlike other types of flooring, which can be destroyed by a few scratches or dents, hardwood flooring tends to look more distinguished and worn-in. For this reason, many older homes with hardwood flooring have owners who work hard to preserve the flooring, even after the damage has occurred. Worn planks give your home a heavy dose of interest and character, while also saving you money on repairs.   

3. Flooring Is Easy to Customize

f you ever decide to change your natural hardwood flooring, you can do so easily by working with a flooring refinisher. Professional refinishers can use high-powered equipment to sand surfaces down, varnish them, and create a different look. Some people opt to have lighter flooring refinished darker, while others whitewash their floors to give their home a brighter, more open feel.   

If you are thinking about updating the floors of your house, talk with a contractor about what you have currently, what kind of look you are going for, and what it would take to accomplish the task.   

When you are ready to update the flooring in your home, don't hesitate to work with an experienced flooring contractor. In addition to talking with you about the different types of flooring on the market, you can also find great new floors that work well with your budget and timeline. Try to keep an open mind while you search for flooring products since there are likely several varieties that would work for your space.   

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23 June 2020

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