What to Know About Water Resistant Flooring Glue


When you are laying new flooring in your house or if you are having it done professionally for you, you will realize that there are tons of materials that go into the process, including flooring glue. While you may think that every type of flooring glue is the same, it may be worth it to look into water resistant flooring glue in particular, but why? 

It's Safe

When flooring glue first hit the market, a lot of workers were happy with it because it was a little bit more water resistant and worked really well. However, as time went on, they slowly found out that these products carry asbestos in them which make them toxic to breathe when emitted into the air. Because of this, all of these types of flooring glues were taken off the market and were replaced with another type of glue that wasn't toxic, but also wasn't water resistant. Luckily, with some time and technology, there is yet again a water resistant flooring glue available on the market but that doesn't come with harmful ingredients in it like asbestos. Which means that you and your family will be safe from any toxins. 

It Protects

Having an extra layer of defense between your flooring and the subflooring is critical when you are having any type of flooring laid. Why? Because although water may be your body's best friend, it's your flooring's worst enemy. When too much moisture gets trapped underneath flooring, it can lead to a variety of issues including warping, mold, and overall erosion of the sub flooring. When you have a water resistant glue, it will help to not only keep your flooring tacked down, but it will also act as a small barrier against water damage. 

It is Strong

If you have ever done any sort of crafts with your young kids, you know how tricky it can be to get craft glue to hold two items like popsicle sticks together. Although flooring glue is obviously much stronger than craft glue, it can still be a bit finicky to work with if you are not a professional that has experience with it. One of the best things about water resistant flooring glue is that it is designed to keep your flooring in place even if it does get a little bit of water damage on it. With unique bonding capabilities, water resistant flooring glue can help lengthen the life of your floor by holding it together and keeping it in place. 

To learn more about water resistant flooring glue, reach out to a company in your area. 


8 May 2020

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